Just a quickie. Spent a lovely week staying at Claire and Richard’s family home in Oxford while I looked for a new place to stay. They were so kind and made me feel extremely welcome as well as feeding me wonderful food. Went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Claire and her son, Alex and friend Frankie. I loved it! Especially the first half of the movie.

I found a new place to stay in Oxford, but wont be able to move in until the 5th September, so I am going to stay in student halls until then and visit friends at weekends. I went down to Hastings this weekend to visit my sister’s family. I haven’t been to Hastings since March, and it has been a lovely weekend by the sea catching up with some of those I met here when I lived here last year. It was the end of the Hastings Old Town Festival and we managed to catch the cavalcade on Saturday afternoon. There are so many truly extraordinary events throughout the year in Hastings.

Back to Oxford tomorrow and back to work at Brookes in earnest.