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tall trees.JPG trodos.JPG Work in progress this week in the studios

This is the slowest internet cafe connection ever!! Bloody thing!!
I have many pictures I want to post but the connect just want to it. Will put them on later I promise.(Pictures added 21st July)

Well my service taxi in Pafos never turned up and I was stranded there with only 20 pounds to my name. So, I had to go back to Joe and Fiona’s Hotel and they were kind enough to let me crash on thier sofa. It did let me catch the last rounds of the Open golf at Saint Andrews. Which was nice. Joe and Fiona took me out for a posh dinner before spending the night to get up early to catch the only bus from Pafos to Limassol at 7.30am.

I was meant to do a talk on colour on Monday morning at Limassol, but I cancelled it as I had arrived back tired and under prepared. So I just got on with my paintings and started also to do some small watercolours in the afternoon on the balcony where there is a little shade.

Money is getting a wee bit tight now so it Tom, Colm, Nick and myself are sharing dinners. I made a pork stew which only cost us about 1 quid each. Wine and cards followed. Pat is getting too good at cards and it is all getting very competitive. More painting and chilling on Tuesday followed by my slide talk on my work. Gordon, the oldest member of the group by far (77) had invited myself, Tom, Colm and Nick out for a ‘gentlemen’s’ dinner. So we had a merry night eating amazing Meze over wine and a whistling guitar player.

I finally did my talk on colour mixing this morning and there was only one heckler – so that so cool. Life drawing, a swim and now down to the internet cafe. Life is good.

People are now starting to get itchy feet and are starting to rent cars and go off and see the island a bit. Some went off to Aya Napa and more are going soon. Some hate it here and cant wait to leave and some are going on diving courses. But there is a hard-core of people wanting to make art and have a good time.