I have finally updated my website. This now includes the work I did in Cyprus last July, such as it is. Most of it is unresolved and lay in my Oxford studio for months waiting for the hand of god of intervene and take it further – but nothing ever happened and then I was ‘wheeched’ off to Edinburgh and it all got stored away. But it is good to give it an airing now.
I have also updated my cv, forthcoming events and added more links – so it feel like I am at last starting to be an artist again after months of galavanting.

Well, I have now been in Edinburgh exactly 2 months and I have not galavanted anywhere. This must be a record in recent times. I am now nicely settled here and have been busy getting my head down getting to grips with my new job. After a period of intense workload, things have now quietened down for Easter and I have a week off. I am going to try to paint a little this week to get me back into it and hopefully I will blog some of the progress next weekend. (shout if I don’t). Catharine is coming up for the Easter weekend, so it would be great to have something to show her.