Another two weeks to go of this sub existence of getting a coach everyday from London to Oxford. I would be lying if I said it was not getting me down. Did not go back to Hastings this weekend as I need break from all this travelling. Instead, just wandered aimlessly about London, never quite actually going to see anything. I never went into the Saatchi or the Tate Modern today, despite getting to the front doors… I think I find it hard too look at art when I have not made any in recent weeks. Well this will all soon be sorted when I move to Oxford and into my new studio and house. This week, I went for a pint after work with an artist who is in the same space as me and we had a great chat about football, art and everything and made me feel welcome. I have been finding Oxford a bit impersonal, but then I am only there when I am working and I am usually in a sleep trance trying desperately not to let down my new students. They are a lively mixed bunch and if only we had some decent space to work in things would be great. There not enough room to swing the proverbial cat.

We are interviewing prospective new students all this week which I know will be tiring. But actually I am looking forward to the change of pace.