This is especially for those of you who like to read about my travel arrangements, which have been many and varied this year;

On Sunday I trained it from Hastings up to Tunbridge Wells where I met Suzie and Erin who drove me back to Emsworth where they live near Chichester. On Monday, Suzie and I went into see my old colleagues at University College Chichester. I was a bit nervous as I still have the scars from the job, but in the end, it was lovely to see everyone and everyone seemed pleased to see me. Went over to my old colleague Vicki’s house (whose iMac I am using now) for tea and red wine, which was a very pleasant evening.

Today (Tuesday) I had another one of my many train connection journey, this time to Oxford, to meet my new boss, find out more about what I am going to be doing and meet some of the other staff and students. I was a bit nervous, but they al made me very welcome. Trained it back this evening, and now I am helping Suzie babysit Vicki’s kids, while she and Mike have a night out with all my old colleagues in Chichester. They did ask if I wanted to go, but I felt that would be just a bit too weird for me just now.

Back to Hastings tomorrow and Rochester, for the last time on Friday…

Oh, and a big thank you to all my Hastings chums who made it out with me on Saturday night for drinks at the FILO (first Inn last out) and then for those who made it to Harper’s and put up with my guitar playing and “singing’!