Not much to report except that I have been down with a nasty tummy bug over the past few days which has laid me very low and hence have done not much work. I actually could not walk as the bug had made my back so weak I could hardly stand up. Well, today I seem a little better.

Today, I finally bought some new materials (white paint, primers, brushes etc), so now I can commence my garden painting. Although I have to do some preparation work for another job interview, this time at Oxford Brookes University to teach part time on their foundation. But, they want me to send them my plan for delivering the fine art component. So it is a day at the computer for me.

I am also pretty devastated about the news that DJ and broadcaster John Peel has died. He was such a part of my life and for many others of my generation who grew up listening to punk and beyond in the late 70s. And he was still as relevent today as ever, at 65. Thank you John for all you gave to the world of music radio.