I have continued to make these small directly observed (mostly) paintings revealing little snippets of our home in Leith. I am very pleased that after so many years of doing no paintings like this, that I can pull it off on such a small scale and using thicker paint. This has all been helped by having a portable paint and palette trolley, a decent stool and light easel. I simply plonk myself down for two hours in each location and paint – the only added elements have been the figures – although I did get Catie to walk into the shower in one and the kitchen in the other. You can see them all if you go to my Edinburgh 2007 page in the Picture Gallery section above. I am just about to take them up to the Scottish Gallery all beautifully framed by Frame Works. Never again will I attempt to make my own frames (see blog Nov 2005).

Another big event at work this week at eca. We planned, organised and delivered Creative Workshop for 27 Lawyers from the Office to the Solicitor to the Advocate General, an office established specifically to provide legal services in Scotland to United Kingdom Government Departments. We got them making pictures using collage and sculptures using hatmaking heads in a dirty studio and they loved it – and they made some wonderful work.