Present day, hidden under many forgotten or disused hospitals, are warrens of still- functioning operating theatres, recovery rooms and laboratories. They have a single goal: to bring back the Neanderthals. Why? To see if they and other archaic humans might have their own, different ways to save our planet and give us all a future…

Below: click through images of painting in progress:

NEONEANDERTHALS  is a collaborative project between artists Robbie Bushe and Jeanne Cannizzo making imaginative use of the scientific data on the physical and cultural inheritance left to us by the Neanderthals. Their popular image since the first fossil finds in the 19th century has been of hairy, low-browed, unintelligent beings incapable of symbolic thought who, perhaps deservedly, were killed by invading humans. In 2010 that picture was overturned by DNA discoveries which revealed that Neanderthals and modern humans had at some point interbred.

NEONEANDERTHALS is showing at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh from 14 September to 20 October 2019.

Please contact the Royal Scottish Academy to enquire about this and other works in the show.

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