I worked on the ‘Kebab Hut’ and ‘The Sheldonian Theatre’ pictures mostly this week, plus a little of the giant by christchurch. I am just off for another stint down the studio. They are all getting quite close to completion, but all require lots of concentration;

I dont think I have spent so much time on so few picures in the last few years. It is the nature of these pictures that they dont just feel like Oxford, but are actually depicting real parts of it. So, for once, I am relying on detail from photographic reference. This does offer up challenges which would never present itself when I am working entirely from drawings and invention. I think it has brought out a different kind of intensity from, say, the work I did last autumn. 

I am looking forward to Tuesday, when I am picking up four of my Cyprus pictures from the framer, to show at next weekend’s Affordable Art Fair in Bristol through Sarah Wiseman.