I think the two images of me on my new Brookes staff card and swipe card taken two weeks apart demonstrate, how the toll of getting up at 6am to catch a coach from Victoria to Oxford each day, and then returning to Kentish Town about 8pm is effecting me. It was an exhausting week. Not anything to do with the teaching, but simply the travel. I must get sorted out with a place in Oxford soon. Let me know if anyone hears of anything.

I have not really got any significant impression of life in Oxford, but talking to my students has put my mind at rest that there is life beyond Headington Campus. The students are great so far, but the space they have to work in is extremely cramped and will affect the type of work they are able to do. But that is a normal cry from an art lecturer.

I have obviously made no work at all since Christmas. But as soon as I can get a studio in Oxford, I don’t see it will be very long before I am off at ‘it’ again. I will need to devote a bit of time to finding out where everything is in the next week or so, and start to make contacts.

toodle oo for now.