I am sitting an internet cafe in Paphos. The same one I used all the time when I was here in 2002. I am a bit of a nostalgia fiend so it is nice to be here again. Had a great weekend here and it has got me thinking how much serendipity there has been for me on my trip so far…

First there was Nick turning up in Limassol; Nick had been in Lemba with me 2002. Great bloke who cut my hair the other day as he is also a good barber; best cut I have had in years! Then there are three people from Chichester in Limassol; Tom, Lucy and Kate. None of them actually trained in Chichester, but they were all brought up there and know all my old haunts. Most surprising is that Kate’s mother is studying fine art at UCC in Chichester and I taught her in my last year teaching there. Then, there is Annabelle and Elliot, who are from Oxford Brookes. Annabelle has just finished fine art and Elliot is still study architecture. Annabelle did not enjoy Brookes and she is certainly not enjoying Limassol. I don’t think the life of an artist is for her.


The Great Wall of Lemba at Cyprus College of Art

And now this weekend in Lemba, there were two students that I taught in Aberdeen at Grays School of Art. Nicola, I taught way back in 1994 and Chris was in his first year in my last year there in 1999. It was great to see them both and it was particularly nice to see Nicola’s work which I have always admired. Nicola is now also teaching at my old school in Aberdeen working alongside my old art teacher!! My talk there went down well and we all went out for food and drinks after.


Painting by Nicola Galloway in Lemba

Joe Fan came along to my slide talk. I met up with Joe, Fiona and their daughter Maisy who are on holiday here near Lemba. I swam in their hotel pool both days which was the same pool I swam in with my ex Suzie when she visited me here in 2002. Joe was in great form and it was weirdly nice to meet him in a place he knows so well. His own paintings are full of cyprus images without being documentary.joe.JPG

Joe Fan enjoying a refreshment

Will post some pics tomorrow, but now I must go and find out where my taxi back to Limassol will pick me up. Bye.