Why is it when you get a few days to yourself, instead of getting on with stuff, your mind and body seize up and you can’t get round to doing all the stuff you thought you should be doing??? Or is it just me.

Or is it just me. It has taken me two days to complete two job application forms for teaching (both of which, interesting enough, are in Lancashire but at different institutions). Anyway, what with the cricket, the olympics (isn’t synchronized diving a hoot – seriously) and web pages to tinker with, I have not been back down the studio to complete my masterpieces…. hmmmm. I will this afternoon.

I have a HTML code phobia, but I needed to know how to put this blog site within my website without using frames. I was rather pleased with myself for discovering from a HTML lesson website about using ilinks and now you can read my blog from within the safety of my website.

Except when I email web designer, consultant, guru and general great guy Dug, he tell me that ilinks suck and that I should just put my whole website from within my blog-site so that the whole thing is integrated…. he may be right, but it does involve getting stuck in with code… I need some lessons.

Talking of which I am thinking of doing some part-time courses at Hastings College. They have all sorts of interesting things for me to do – carpentry, Spanish, web design, TEFL…. Think I will go a speak to someone there and sign up for one or two.

Spent a good deal of yesterday emailing several London galleries to let them know I exist and whether they would show my work. In fact, it is the completely wrong time to be doing this as so many of them shut during the balmy month of August. However, I did get one reply back from the Portal Gallery who said:

Many thanks for sending us a notification about your work. Unfortunately looking at the your website your work is too loose and painterly for the Portal Gallery house style which is very specific. However I wish you the best of luck in the future.

And I have also had feedback from the past that my work is too tight for another gallery… oh well – like goldilocks I will find the one that is just right at some point.