So I am waiting for my flight to Gatwick at Edinburgh airport and trying to type this on the awkward virtual keyboard on my iPhone. This is part 1 of my trip to Chichester for my exhibition at the university’s Otter Gallery of a selection of my Cyprus pictures. Roblog veterans (yes you Barry)! Will know of my obsession writing detailed travel details, and I am not going to disappoint people now.

Here goes; on arrival at Gatwick I pick up a van and then drive to Reading where all my work has been framed by the fabulous Ralph. Then I drive down to Emsworth where I am checking into an anonymous Travelodge. Sleep. Then up early and drive to Chichester and start hanging my show with wonderful Bob. All things going well we should have it up by the opening on Wednesday. Now this is not the end of the story, but I will leave further details to another instalment.

All this is a welcome break from the relentless pace of my work at eca – which has been ludicrous of late. More of that another time.