In between teaching and making art, I had time to squeeze in a couple of mad social engagements this weekend.

On Friday went to see a production of Carmen by Chisinau National Opera at the New Theatre Oxford with my friend Lucy. When I was about ten, I was once in a production of Carmen as a little soldier boy who sang a cute song. So, I was looking forward seeing this bit – but they went a cut it out in this production!! Hurumph!! Still once the kid behind me stopped rustling his crisp packet, I really quite enjoyed it.

On Saturday, i went through to London to help Billy celebrate his birthday. As we did for my 40th birthday (see Roblog December 6th 2004) we went to the Punk Rock Karaoke at the Garage. I went along with Dug and Ohna and a bunch of Billy’s friends and had a great time. You sing to an actual live band who are fantastic. I sang ever fallen in love (with someone) by the Buzzcocks and thoroughly enjoyed it. Someone took a wee Mpeg movie clip, so I am sure it will find its way on to the blog soon enough.

Did some more painting on Sunday and Monday and will post the results next time.