I have always thought of those that take the position never ‘to suffer fools gladly’ are a terribly dull and rude lot. For, to my mind, it is the fools, the dafties and the eccentrics who are the people you would rather be trapped with. The fine educated people of Oxford generally don’t suffer fools too well. In my time here, I have too often witnessed a people who never give much away and smile through a saccharine grin at any sign of foolishness. What is the point of being educated in one of the finest places of learning and yet have no empathy with humanity?

I am fairly proud of being a bit of a fool; it is a liberating position to take on life. Therefore, it has been with a great deal of struggle that I have lived through these past few months in Oxford. I certainly have not been able to blog as I feared my ranting at all those who needed ranting at would only be counterproductive.

However, I have managed to claw out some assemblage of a life in recent weeks. I have still done very little art of note despite spending most of my time in the studio.

Anyway – I am now off to Cyprus for the whole of July and I expect I will be able to provide a more positive account of my life soon.