Well I had a nice day yesterday at Oxford Brookes University for my interview. There were 4 other candidates and we each had to do a 15 minute presentation in front of staff and students and then later a more formal interview. I had a few hours to kill between presentation and interview so I just sat a chatted with the other candidates and drank coffee. My presentation went well and I thought I interviewed as well as I could. I felt quite optomistic. But you are never sure.

I got a phone call as I got into London later on in the day offering me the job, and this time I was gald to accept. I think working in Oxford will be cool and the course seems fine and within my abilities. So after 10 months in Hastings I will be on the move again. I will miss Hastings as it has been a fantastic relaunch pad for my life and art. I will certainly not forget it. I don’t start the job until January, so I must get as much paiting done as I possibly can before I start. The Oxford Job is not full time so hopefully I will be able to find a balance.