‘In the adjacent gallery, Neoneanderthals is a collaboration between Robbie Bushe and Jeanne Cannizzo. It poses the question, if homo sapiens have made such a mess of things, maybe cloned neanderthals, neoneanderthals after “de-extinction,” might do better. Bushe’s crowded canvasses follow the de-extinction process through a phantasmagoria of DNA extraction machinery and the like till finally the neoneandethals take over and everything gets better. Canizzo’s work is a series of bizarre and surreal assemblages whose themes of neoneanderthal life run in weird counterpoint to Bushe’s paintings. Duncan Macmillan’. 

Art reviews: Among the Polar Ice | Ade Adesina | Robbie Bushe & Jeanne Cannizzo

The Scotsman, 25 Sept 2019

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