Here are my six paintings all at the ‘nearly there’point. it was excactly 2 months ago that I started these and one month until they are on show at Sarah Wiseman. They all need some final tinkering and clearing up. The big pidgeon man/lady is my least favourite just now, but perhaps with a little more work..

I am glad to be coming to the end of this period as work at Brookes is getting very fraught as we near the students diploma shows. I am quite relieved that the vast majority of the foundation students got into their first choice degree course, which is the main aim of the foundation art. While I do miss the higher level of teaching on a degree, I do love seeing these students make their first steps into mature artists and designers. 

Last Tuesday, was a bit of a day out for me: (travel details warning robloggers!) I was to pick up the cyprus pictures being framed in Reading and take them to Sarah Wiseman who was taking them to the Bristol Affordable Art fair. I was borrowing Catharine’s car after I had given her a lift to her work. However, as soon I got into the car it would not start – we got out the AA – who then found out that we had not used the immobiliser on the keyring!!! Stupid!! I had a nice drive up to Chipping Norton (north of Oxford) to pick up some other pictures from the Manor House gallery. My brother Chris shows there, and he had delivered some work he had of mine from various shows in Edinburgh. So it was then back down to Oxford to deliver all the work for Bristol to Sarah Wiseman. We were meant to go through this weekend for the art fair, but was too tired I needing to get on with the paintings. Still to find out whether I sold any…

Well, hopefully, the next time I blog, I will have finished all the pictures and perhaps ready to update my website.