Now I have got my web server sorted out – just time to do a quick blog. had a great weekend down in Hastings for the Jack in the green where there where hundred of people who looked like the above image

Plus at least 5000 bikers! Fabulous.

The rest of the weekend was of course spent in the studio – and I think there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for these two pictures:

I am going to try and concentrate on finishing these two by the end of this week. On friday night I was unable to decide which one to work on so I texted Barry (a roblogaholic) in Aberdeen to ask him which one to work on. He said he thought the one with the trees looks tricky to paint and I should do that one. So it did. But, now I have been avoiding the big one with the pidgeon lady/man (time will tell). Big paintings are such are diferent kind of energy. Maybe tackle it next weekend? Barry? We shall see..