Not a huge amount to say really. I have been working on the three pictures above this last week. I finally braved doing the big one of the pidgeon man/lady. I decided that it needed to be a lot cleaner and have no other figures, which were distracting and pointless. I think it looks more arresting now. Still much work to be done on it. The other two are nearly there. The lovers at the botanics is still a bit messy, but I see how to pull it all together now. one more session on both and they can be put to bed, hopefully.

That leaves the three others to work on and perhaps I wil have time to work up some of the little ones I started before xmas and never resolved.. Sometimes that works for me – rescueing old unfinished forgotten pictures. 

Oh! I nearly forgot. I have been invited back out to Cyprus at the end of June for a month to teach and paint. So, it will be get the show ready, finish at Brookes and then off for a hot month in Limassol once again. Great!