Sorry if my blog is a bit repetitive just now. I am afraid that my life has been a bit that way these last weeks. But, now I have only one week left before I move to into a house and a new studio in Oxford. Cant wait.

I spent this weekend back in Hastings, packing up my life once again, trying desperately to downsize my possessions. However, as I had done this last January (2004), there was little further I could get rid off without feeling I was throwing away too many memories. So my life is once again in boxes. I am sure this will all come out in a series of new drawings or paintings at some point. I cant wait to get back and start making art in Oxford. I am sure it will instill another change of emphasis in the work. There is no sea or steep hills in Oxford and it is certainly peopled with a whole different character of people than Hastings. Maybe I will return to interiors or have no people in my work! It is quite exciting not knowing really.

Last week was a fairly exhausting as we were interviewing prospective students for next year. We saw over 150 last week who all had to bring a portfolio of artwork. But, I enjoyed it really as I broke up the dynamic of my weeks so far. I am doing some more tomorrow (Tuesday).

Well hopefully my next blog will be when I have unpacked my mac in my new home and can post pictures of my new studio. Lots of van driving to do before then and I am sure you cant wait to hear about my complex travel itinerary..