I was hoping to have new pictures of recent paintings up by now, but over the last few days I have couragously struggled on with the Battle for Chichester Cross painting. It went from bad to worse as it got more a more confused in colour and tone. However, today, and with the help of rather a lot of warm greys (hurray for warm grey), I think I have finally cracked it. It has started to look like I had imagined it at the start. I had quite forgotten how much emotional energy big paintings take out of you. It does now look extremely overworked, but I guess I had to do that to get the measure of what is required, since it is the first big painting I have done in a number of years.

I am off to Rochester off and on for the next week or so. Teaching on the Foundation Art at Kent Institute of Art and Design. It is only about 45 miles away, but once again I have to take a number of train conections to get there. I am sure all this train hopping will come out somewhere in the art..

So, probably wont be doing much painting over the next week, but I will try to get some images of my recent work up on the site soon.