No more 5.45am starts for me! I am now here in Oxford at last. In a new home and new studio!. Feels great.

Last week was particularly tough as instead of going home to London and getting an early night, I had couple a late nights due to having a social life, which I paid for at work. SO a big sorry to my students who were perhaps on the wrong end of a grumpy Robbie last week.

On Thursday night last week, I met up with Billy and a couple of his friends in Islington for a bite to eat before going to see the rockumentary Ramones: End of the Century at the Screen on the Green. It was a great night and the movies was fabulous reminder of that whole era and what an influential band they were, especially to the whole UK punk scene.

So, was in bad shape on Friday, which was made worse due to the fact that after teaching all day, I had to go into Oxford pick up the van.

So here is my weekend with the van itinerary for all those of you who just love to hear about my travelling details;

friday 25th 5.00pm: drove van from Oxford to Kentish Town. Met David there to pick up a bath (don’t ask) and my stuff there.

8.00pm: Drove to Hastings with David. Dropped off bath.
saturday 26th am: packed van with more of my stuff and emptied my room. pm(after fish and chips by the fishing boats in Hastings): drove to Emsworth to Suzie’s house. Swapped bed for my plan chest (don’t ask again – ok, it was her bed that I had and my plan chest which she had).
Sunday 27th pm: drove to Oxford. 3.00pm: parked at new studio and unloaded my art and equipment. 4.30pm: parked outside my new house and was welcomed by new house mates Claire and Julie with a cup of tea. They were kind enough to help me unload the van. Slept well last night and this morning, had to get the van back in Oxford before 8.30am. So here I am in internet cafe writing the blog as at least a record of the events. Cant wait for the blogs to return to being about my art…