I am off home to Oxford tomorrow night and have been winding down art activities in the last few days. Above are most of the pictures I have produced in Cyprus. (There are three more which I have not got round to getting pics of yet). On the whole I am pleased with what i have produced, but even more pleased with where i think I can take the work when I get back. The most dominant part of my last week here is simple spending my afternoons down on the rock by the old pier. It has become the place where the group go late in the afternoon to swim and bath. It is also where fisherman dock their small boats. In recent weeks we have befriended a group of Egyptian fisherman. They have been great company and twice now they have given us a large fresh tuna to take home and cook.You have never tasted anything like a tuna straight out of the sea. I fried it with a little flour, lemon and flat leaf parsley ans served with cyprus potatoes and tomatoes. Lovely! Many people have already gone home and more are today. Spending a month in such intense proximity with new people has been great. I have not got on with all but it is a very stimulating environments. There has been a big loud beer festival over the last few days down near the pier. Loud power ballad english rock bands and various euro beers, arcades and lot of people. One particularly ‘fine’ singer belted out; Lets make a commune and build it up together.. inspiring stuff. Well next blog will be back in blighty. I will try to update my gallery pages before I get off to Edinburgh for the summer school there. Bye bye Cyprus, I will be back!