I have now been in Cyprus for five days. I am a member of Staff at the Limassol Studios in Limassol, which is part of the Cyprus College of Art. It is not exactly a real teaching job as I am just there to provide support to a group of student, while we all make art and have a holiday. I was at the Lemba site back in 2002 as a punter, and it provided a wonderful spur to my art when I was bogged down working in Chichester (see Cyprus 2002 in Picture Galleries).

Well so far I have got to know the group, drank a lot of Keo beer, done a bit of drawing and painting, enjoyed the 30 plus degree temperatures and eaten a lot of pork! It was never going to be the fantastic experience of 2002 as I had built that up in my mind as once of my most recent happy experiences. The group is cool, if now hugely dynamic and it is nice just to amongst a group of working artists. It was nice to see Graham, Lisa and Andreos who run the studios, but I am dying to get up into the hills again and back over the Pafos at some point. I will try to see if I can connect my camera in the internet cafe so I can put up some pictures of what the place is like and some of my new pictures. It is very nice to be making some new pictures after 6 months of constipation in Oxford. Why is it so easy to work here and in Hastings?? Is it the sea?, the people? the food? Who knows!