I am only now coming out of my flu bug which really did knock me out for the last two week. I struggled on at work, taking some time off… and when I have time off, my the devil makes work for idle hands! After doing the eca 1989 video, I started to get out all my old videos which I never had time to sort out. An in this age of YouTube, it is great that I can finally share some of them. I had done all this footage from Cyprus College of Art in 2002 (when I was still living in Chichester). So, I put it all together into a 15 minute montage over music (2 parts on youtube as they wont let you go over 10 minutes) and emailed all the people who were at Cyprus College of Art that year. Anyway, it gives a little insight into how I produced the work for this period. I only took a little footage in Limassol 2005 and none in 2006, so I doubt I will add them to the site. Anyway here they are:

The good news is that at last I am going to show a selection of all my Cyprus work in 2008/09 in the Otter Gallery at University of Chichester. It will be good to finally have a show there after my time in the area.


I am moving into a new studio in Edinburgh next week – a space in Morningside – so at last I can get on with some oil painting for the show at the Queen Street Gallery (Emsworth) for November.