Just a quickie to say that after all the excitement of last week, I have just be down the studio, trying to complete my garden painting and I think it now only has a couple of days to go – but you never know with painting – everything can still go wrong. here it is as of today:


I have also started a few small oils (or palette cleaners as I sometimes call them) as it is too hard to concentrate on the big painting all day. None of them are finished, but here is a photo of them so far:


I also got some nice news from my brother Chris in Edinburgh, who told me that I had sold a couple of the pictures I sent up to the Scottish Gallery, Xmas show. Which is alway great!

Anyway – off to the pub tonight for a birthday drink with my Hastings chums and tomorrow I am off to Chichester to see Suzie and Erin and then on to Oxford on Tuesday to sort out what I am doing in my new Job. Phew – it is all go, and Christmas still to come….