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Limassol is in many ways a lot like Hastings. It is an old forgotten town with many parts run down and peopled with an eclectic mix of types. It has a seafront and a pier where locals and visitors hang out. Fisherman fish and people come to find solace in the sea. This week Limassol is hosting a contemporary dance festival. Much of the dance is taking place in public spaces and is free. A couple of nights ago, we all went down at midnight to the pier to watch 6 dancers inhabit the space while kids did wheelies on their bikes, Cypriots strutted around and the there was a smattering of artisan locals and tourists. It was fantastic and even a wee cat got in on the act.

My painting is now becoming a lot more honest and real to me this my last week here. The two images posted above are based on my doodles and thoughts spending time on the rocks at the old harbour and the dance festival event. I am allowing the space to breathe a lot more and have moved away from my traditional horizon lines. I think I have been trying to emulate so many other painters in recent years that I had forgotten what it is I can do for myself. These two are not finished, but they offer me many clues on how to proceed with my work when I get home. I might now even be able to tackle Oxford!

Only 4 days left and I might hire a car this weekend to finish it off. I have a few days in Oxford before I head up to Edinburgh to teach on the summer school for a week.