It is a curious thing, this blog malarky.. If you dont blog for a week or two, people start to get concerned that you are ok. Well the truth is that I have just not felt the need to do it in recent weeks and to be honest, I have been a bit of a spent force. I am also trying to keep this blog ‘on message’; that is to say that only write stuff that is relevent to my artwork. But I cant now resist writing a ‘life’ update – call it my wee xmas present to all you Roblog fans..

Well where did I leave you? Oh yes my pictures went off and I was very busy at work. Well then I turned 41 on the 6th Dec. I went out with a few of my Oxford friends for a lovely Tapas and also went down to Hastings for the weekend to see my sister’s family. Nice once again to be back by the sea. I also went through to the John Martin Gallery for the opening of the ‘Into the Jungle’ exhibition. This was a fun night with Billy and Dug at the gallery in Chelsea where the gallery people were either dressed up as gorillas or in suitable jungle attire. They were also serving wonderful cocktails and jungle style crudities. the exhibition was actually excellent and I am pleased to say that my pictures stood up well in the company (I have now sold 2) and it was nice to be able to text Barry in Aberdeen that he had sold his large painting for a decent amount of money. I also believe that i have sold a couple in the Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh. So, it has been quite a satisfiying period after all my hard work.

Anyway.. I thought after my two frugal years after quitting Chichester that I could spalsh out on a new Powerbook and iPod… which arrived last tuesday. And nothing has become between me and them since. In fact I am typing this in my studio as I have just discovered that I can get a wireless connection from somehere near my studio.. it ebbs and flows a bit.. it is there none the less. That is a bit of a result. Or perhaps the death of painting (in my studio). I am actually gagging to get back behind the palette so to speak.. but energy levels very low and have a bad cold. And it is Christmas! (soon).

Well lets hope that I can continue to make progress with the paintings in 2006 and that I can paint and little more and teach a little less..