Have not blogged for a week or so. No need to feel guilty. Honest. It’s not like I have a following who simply must hear about what I am up to.

Have had a fairly mixed week since I got back from Scotland. Not got back into any real rhythm in the studio, mostly due to trying to get stuff framed for John Martin at the New York Affordable Art Fair. Also, I’m getting organised for the job interview in Lancaster University this Friday. Can you believe it takes 7 and a half hours and FOUR changes on the train to get from Hastings to Lancaster. Looking forward to the jaunt however – a chance to sit back and listen to my iPod. (except that my 2nd generation iPod does not play for more than 4 hours without a recharge…. So will have to be choosy about when to listen to music. (Like when the family from hell sit down all around you).

Plugging away at my big ‘Chichester’ painting – but it is getting bogged down and the original spirit is becoming blurred as I try to formalise it too much. Will have to start another series of pictures soon, so as I can jump from one to the other without too much fear of a ruined day. Will post new images of it soon.

Hopefully I’ll get back into my mindless routine next week – swimming, painting, walking, looking for jobs, cooking and helping out with my sister Claire’s kids.

We shall see.